HUMASTAR was registered with ÚKZÚZ under number 3872. It is a highly concentrated aqueous solution of humic acids originating from Russian Leonardite. Russian Leonardite (Oxyhumolite) is the richest natural source of humic substances in the world. HUMASTAR is a completely natural product, therefore it has no protection period and its use cannot pollute groundwater or the surrounding ecosystem, the guaranteed content of humic substances is min. 40%.

HUMASTAR further includes:

Macroelements in grams per liter:

Nitrogen 1.8; Potassium 2.3; Phosphorus 0.07; Sira 0.4; Calcium 2.3; Magnesium 0.6; Sodium 2.5; Silicon 4.6

Microelements in grams per liter:

Iron 0.19; Manganese 0.14; Molybdenum 0.01; Cobalt 0.01; Zinc 0.1; Boron 0.27; Copper 0.1

develops the root system
 causes a green effect
increases the chlorophyll content
increases revenue
has anti-stress effects
retention capacity of moisture retention and its gradual release
suppresses the occurrence of harmful factors
improves plant health
supports the absorption of substances and allows their maximum use
it aerates the soil due to its high biological activity

By using HUMASTAR for a long time, you will enrich the soil with organic matter.

HUMASTAR meets the parameters of INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION, compliance with which has been mandatory for all professional users of plant protection products since 1 January 2014 (Decree No. 205/2012 Coll.).

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