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Mission Statement:

We strive to help our customers improve the condition of their soil, as we believe soil is the primary production unit, and we, as humankind, must take care of it with maximal efforts to help it flourish and bear fruits to feed the world.




The HUMATY group was founded in 2012 when our collective set out to find the true humate, a clear coal solution rich in humic substances, which was missing in the Czech market at the time.


Through an innovative process and importing the highest-quality Irkutsk leonardite, we started helping you improve your farm's conditions through products rich in humic acids.

Our products contain natural humic substances of the world’s highest quality, i.e., the real humate, which proves its versatility in use. We are the only company in Europe and Asia that knows how to use leonardite to produce animal feed, support plant growth solutions, cosmetics, and dietary supplements for humans.

We are also the only supplier on the Czech market who presents the certified origins of all our products registered with the Czech Republic Central Agricultural Inspection and Testing Institute.


We bought a bankrupt poultry fattening operation to demonstrate the effects of our product, HUMAFIT, an animal feed supplement. We started breeding Pekin ducks and domestic chickens for Czech poultry distributors Vodňanská Drůbež and Rabbit Trhový Štěpánov. This experience in primary production brought us closer to the needs of our customers, who thus began to take us seriously, which was a significant milestone for our company.


Another significant milestone came in 2017 when we expanded to the German market. Here, we collected new knowledge and gained valuable experience adjusting to the local farming habits.


We terminated poultry fattening operations and started importing biological plant protection from a Russian producer, BIOTECH AGRO.


Since June 2020, we have expanded our activities to the Croatian market, exclusively represented by OMEGA HR s.r.o.


We enlarged our production to foliar nutrition with the Fertil Folium product and expanded to the Serbian market.


In 2022, Humaty began importing fertilizers from Dutch manufacturer Van Iperen International, distributing granular fertilizers, and purchasing grain.


During the first four months of 2023, we delivered 3000 tonnes of grain to the mill, doubling last year’s turnover. In October, we started transporting our grain truck.

The company turnover reached over $ 4.3 million.





Throughout all our activities and progress, we go in one direction without changing our opinions, product quality, or parameters out of fear of competition.

We want to thank all our customers for their trust and cooperation.